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    Anyone know what the weapons are called that shoot the red projectile?

    I have seen it from a courier and detonators and they seem to be very powerful. Anyone know what they are called?

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    Shoot a red projectile? What? And since you named Courier and Detonator specifically, I just ask - Double what?

    The only thing I know that shoots a red projectile would be guns with the fire element.

    Courier just launches two sticky grenades and Detonator, is just loppin' grenades. None of them shoot out red projectiles.

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    If by red you mean the orange color tinted grenades, then the courier shot gun and any detonator do em with ground pounder detonators doing the tricluster explosions for the most damage. Also another shotgun does nades too for less damage but 10mag faster shots than the 2mag courier.

    However, one other variation with the shotgun nades is that they can have nano effects on the nade damage where all detonators save one(the fire one) do not.

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