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    More "Enter the Castathin" DLC info.

    From OverloadUT

    One slight clarification! These are all indeed upcoming features being added to the game, but they are not all necessarily part of the "Enter the Castithan" DLC. I may not have communicated that appropriately on the show.
    Source: http://www.reddit.com/r/Defiance/com...c_info/c9yrseg

    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    This info has all been taken from the last "Enter the Badlands" stream, which can be found here. (DLC info starts at 27:50)

    • Challenge any other player in the world in a 1v1 duel.
    • Duel is over when one is killed or forfeits.
    • Losing player automatically recovers with no scrip penalty.
    • The winner gets a renewed sense to skill and their gear in the future.

    Charge ranged weapons
    • You hold the attack button down to get the maximum effect from the weapon.
    • Within each of these weapon classes the different weapons are going to have different properities modified by their charging effects.
    • Charge ranged weapons that are going to be in the game:
      • Snipers (have been shown in alpha live streams)
      • Pistols
      • Break action shotguns

    Arena missions
    • There is going to be a new Castathin figure, find him, and you might be invited to participate in his underground fight arena.
    • Series of challenges to be completed within the arena, with each challenge to reconfigure the arena layout, with added traps.

    Castathin blades
    • On completing the arena mission line, you can find a Castathin blade.
    • Can also be found in lockboxes.
    • You equip it in one of your loadout slots.
    • It can be used at any time, but there's a considerable risk using it at the wrong
      time or against the wrong enemy.
    • Tap the attack button to do a quick attack.
    • Hold the attack button to charge up the blade and deal a devastating blow.

    4 person vehicle
    • You're going to be able to cruise around the world in a 4 person vehicle that can
      carry your entire group.

    Customize voice
    • 6 new voice packs.
    • Ranging From sturn veteran to cocky hotshot.

    Volge Sieges
    • All new world event that involves the volge attacking key locations in the world.
    • When the alert goes out, get to one of the siege sites as fast as possible.
    • Start working together with fellow arkhunters to capture the valuable tech that has fallen to earth with the volge.
    • The volge offer one of the toughest challenges you've yet faced.
    • The better your team performs within the time limit of the siege, the greater the rewards at the
      end. (Unlike arkfalls).
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    This is gonna be so raw

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    Can't wait to fight the Volge.

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    Charge-ups, heavy melees, and new challenge content? Sounds good to me. And I just got a new professional job, so 10$ is chump change now. Definite buy.

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    I need to change my pants now... thanks for the info havent gotten to watch ATB yet.

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    Thanks Vulle! Your always on top of the latest news and providing us with usefull information. Keep up the good work.
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    "Originally Posted by The Tin Man"

    Hi there!
    As this topic has quickly escaped it's intended discussion, we feel the time to say goodbye to this magical thread has come. In the future, please ensure your posts are constructive, and on-topic for the thread. For discussions about stolen blueprints, super tornadoes and 3D printers....

    We'll just leave this here.


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    Now this is new content. Anyone who begs to differ is nuts. The only thing I can figure out is voices. I really hope we have the option to change this on our characters we have now.

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    This sounds good. The Volge Sieges to me, are a good indication that they are taking suggestions seriously. I've read many threads about how to invigorate arkfalls and make them more challenging. The Volge Sieges sound like they could be just that and we all know this: We don't want cake walks!

    Underground fight clubs? The first rule about underground fight arena...

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    Thanks for the infos...

    I'm a little bit disappointed by the blades... I hoped it would replace the "Mighty Elbow Strike Of Death", but no. About everything else : disgonbgud.gif

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vuule View Post
    [*]The winner gets a new renewed sense to skills and their gear in the future.
    Maybe it's just because i've not been getting much sleep recently & so am really tired but.... What does this even mean?

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