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    Can't Play Beta! Please Help!

    I signed up at the Defiance Website last night and got an E-Mail this morning telling me my code to get the Defiance Beta for the X-Box 360 the download finished and I press "Start," I Accept the "End User License Agreement," then "Patch Notes" show up and I hit A to Patch and hit A to Patch Again and it finally read starting game and I get a loading screen for about 3-4 seconds and an Error Screen says "A sign-in change has occurred. Returning to title screen." I've been through this 4 times and it does the same thing each time. I haven't reset a password or anything like that. Is there somewhere I have to Enter my Xbox Live Gamertag in to my Defiance Account? Has anyone else had this problem?

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    I have the same problem.
    Searching the forums for answers here at the moment.
    XBL Gamertag = MR SCHULTZ

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    Its a common problem...no known fix or workaround yet other than keep trying...sometimes you get lucky and get logged in.

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    That's crap. I have not had this sort of problem on any of the prior PC betas, the Alpha, or the PS3 Beta.
    I wanted to finally get to try some out with my friends, but just keep getting this Critical Error.

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    i'm pretty sure if this is how the beta is going on xbox, lol then when the game is released....it won't be pretty. I have the same issue by the way, but none of our posts are getting posted at the moment, but this is known issue, I just don't think they will fix it with the game coming out so soon

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