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    Black Dodge Challenger

    Could someone please tell me where I can get a Black Dodge Challenger;-) tanx;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SheikElite View Post
    Could someone please tell me where I can get a Black Dodge Challenger;-) tanx;-)
    you get it from the pursuits the one for all the races
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    Look at your vehicle pursuits. You need to get gold in all races in the game. Assuming you have the entire world's fast tracks identified, it took me about 2.5 hours to do all races and get gold (usually took me 2 tries each race), and I'm not a huge race fun, but I enjoyed it!
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    gold all races
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    Having at it with Ulrich under a bli'ear near Trealos, Draglotyzon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omnifarious Xji View Post
    D. All of the above.
    The answer is always C.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IGears View Post
    The answer is always C.
    Since you gave it away we now have to change that. Thx.
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