Our team is working to address a lot of items across the board in upcoming patches. But I wanted to make one thread that highlights everything we are working to resolve ASAP.

Keep in mind that the below overview lumps a lot of items into a key topic. Like 'Co-Op Missions' includes all Co-Op map reports.

Pursuits: Misc issues around tracking, resetting and not showing up are all being worked on.

Loadouts: Misc issues around outfits, multi EGO options, missing perks etc... are all being worked on.

Arkfall Score 0: Get no credit or a 0 score in Arkfalls. (Frag Grenades should already work now)

Contracts & Goals: Resetting and locking users out. Proper Tracking are all being worked on.

Reload Bug: Our team has a fix in place for this and it will appear in a upcoming patch.

Co-Op Missions: We are aware of specific bugs, exploits etc... these are all be worked on.

Synergy and Weapon Stats: Both being looked into and worked on.

Install Issues: Keep the reports coming, but please contact our support team, every patch allows this to get better.

FPS on Xbox: We have a few fixes in action as we speak, but our team is constantly working to improve the game in this regards.

Time Trial Timers: We are working to resolve the 3-4 sec bug.

Data Recorders: We are working to make sure every data recorder can be picked up and credit is given for ones that have already been picked up.

Clan Specifics: We are working to address misc clan related issues.

Sound Issues: Our team has fixes coming and continues to address reports.

Voice Chat: Team is working to improve in game VOIP.

Text Chat: Team is working to make sure text chat works properly in all scenarios.