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    Bug on modding a weapon?

    I have a rocket launcher that has a stock slot on it. I also have a stock that can attach to a rocket luncher with me in my inventory.

    However, I am unable to modify it with this butt stock. Is that a bug or I just don't know how to mod it?

    BTW, both weapon and the stock are blue rareity.

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    Yes, I'm confused about this too. I have like 8+ mods and for some reason I can't use any of them. The mod interface doesn't give me the right options. Every time the mod-select screen appears, I have "no" mods available. hmmmmm

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    Just to be certain, are you two aware that you cannot modify a weapon that you have equipped? Before you can make modifications you need to unequip it in every loadout then mod.

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    Likely why the mod itself takes some time, rending the weapon inert until it's finished being forged. Game just doesn't tell you the proper message to remove it from loadouts. Could have a follow up option on this same page that allows you to remove it from all loadouts with one click. Bang bang.

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    Yes, we are aware of that it can't be mod when it's equipped. Also the mod doesn't disappear from our screen.

    When it ask for the item, there is nothing to choose from the inventory. (even though I have it)

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    I've noticed that on some weapons you can't mod with certain part types, I was messing around with weapon modifying last night when trying to mod my VBI Assault Rifle, it didn't have any available upgrade slots, so I wasn't able to upgrade it-- which was quite depressing. You have to find the corresponding slot on the weapon; if there is an icon, you can upgrade it. I ended up buying an Light Machine Gun and upgrading it with an increased magazine mod.

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    Well I did not know about the un-equip thing however I also just tried putting all of my random dozen or so guns sitting in my backpack to see if ANY mods would match up with any guns that I have and nothing... Perhaps I don't have anything compatible but that makes me want to know if there is a stash somewhere to save the mods since I now envision my inventory being completely full of mods waiting to be used that I don't want to sell. If mods we're more readily available at a certain shop, I wouldn't be so concerned about selling them.

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    Actually, try going to Iron Demon Ranch. Look for vendors on your map, it's on of the ones in the middle right, I believe. They sell a bunch of level 1 mods.

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    To mod a weapon you have to have the right mod for the right weapon for the right slot, and that slot needs to be empty. Ie. a pistol sight will only go in the #4 slot on a pistol, and only if that slot exists and is empty.

    Looking at a weapon you might see:
    "----" indicating there are no slots (but you can use the matrix to create a randomly located slot), or
    "--o-" indicating the #3 slot is present, or
    "-oo-" indicating you have a #2 and #3 mod slot on it.

    If that "o" is greyed out -> the slot is empty.
    If that "o" is white-ish/full -> the slot is occupied by a mod.

    By default a mod slot will always be empty (pre-existing and crafted alike).
    If the weapon has no "----" at all it does not have any mod slots and no slots can be crafted onto it in the matrix.

    There are 4 different mod-slots (going from memory only, please, do not take as law):
    "o---" here goes stock.
    "-o--" here goes barrel.
    "--o-" here goes magazine.
    "---o" here goes sight.

    Mods are pretty cheap at 500 scrip for white ones at the Iron Demon Ranch mod vendor. Quick travel there, access shop, scroll to find the correctly indicated slot-mod and buy the one for the weapon you want to use it on. No need to unequip the weapon to add a mod.

    Some weapons, like BMG, do not have mods to put in the #4 sight slot.

    EDIT: Thanks to russell733 and Pasha for correcting me on the order of my setup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyria View Post
    "-o--" here goes barrel.
    "o---" here goes stock.
    Like this. There are indicators / icons.

    Certain matrix functions limited to certain levels (i.e. newborn toon has limited choice of mod options).

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