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    Quote Originally Posted by TIER ONE View Post
    Hellooooo fellow Arkhunters! I’ve been playing this game since launch on PS3, but new to the site. Seems like a bunch of cool peeps on here discussing all things defiance. (game & show)

    I dig the game, sure it has its issues/ bugs/ glitches/ draw in/ lag/ disappearing objects & people, but as a fan of open world games like Red Dead, Just Cause & yes even Mercenaries, this fits the bill for the most part.

    The show i have mixed feelings about...i can see the potential & they are trying to build up the storylines, but I would like to see some more Arkfalls & some Hell Bug Action....heck even show us a battle or two against some invading 99'ers. Overall I’m having fun & this will keep me busy until the Last of Us & GTAV

    Hope to see ya in the bay area squashing some bugs! Cheers
    not a lot on here that are cool some do complain......from time to time, but welcome bro

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