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    Future Game Ideas

    This game could definitely use some new biomes. I'm tired of riding around the same boring scenery. How about a desert area like in the live action trailer? Maybe an actual city or shanty town or something. For Petes sake add some variety to this world!
    I would also like to see the developers add in a bar type area where players can go and socialize. Sort of like a hub. Players could trade items, talk, recruit for groups, and do all sorts of things.
    Finally, the devs should add new vehicles. Motorcycles. Enough said.

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    More Ideas

    I agree with JudgeDrewD,

    While the world of Defiance has a very strong sense of style
    and theme, and while it and the show are still very new (the
    show itself having a LOT of in-game world to incorporate to
    the show itself, such as the 99'ers and Dark Matter), as a
    game, the players need something new to keep up with the
    demands of the current online gaming community.

    We love expansion and exploration.

    I love the motorcycle idea. We have ATV's, rollers, and a slew
    of varying open-air vehicles, why not motorcycles with side
    cars? Or mini tanks or a Hummer-esque vehicle that isn't as
    big as the Cerberus? Flying, if at all, would have to be very
    limited, as when you look at, say, World of WarCraft, taking
    that big a step tends to really limit the game world and make
    other elements obsolete (Fast Travel). However, in the future,
    it would be nice if at some point (whether EGO rating or over-
    all progression via missions) we could access a transportation
    hub that takes us somewhere else to explore - maybe even
    the Ark Belt above, or salvage missions or instances like the
    Ark Falls where we go to the Ark Belt. It might have a more
    claustrophobic and linear feel like the co-op maps, but it's
    something new, from a different perspective.

    A final note on vehicles - customization; namely weapons,
    or someone in a turret seat like the model used in one of
    the co-op map instances. Also, while flying isn't the great-
    est idea, hover-type vehicles aren't bad either. It'd be the
    same physics, just without wheel graphics, except maybe
    more ability to glide longer before landing.

    They are awesome, but it'd be nice to cycle through a little
    more than just a main and secondary. Maybe 3 or even 4
    "equipped" weapons (pistol, rocket/grenade heavy weapon,
    bladed weapon, and Sniper Rifle for long distances).

    Speaking of customization, more character customization
    would be nice. Currently you can choose from 3 different
    types, however, each time a type comes up, it may have
    this or that style of hair or skin randomly, without control
    over it other than restarting the game. More options to
    control this would be nice. Maybe even tattoos.

    While this game does lean more toward a shooter and not so
    much the acquisition of items an MMORPG tends to do, we still
    can't help but want to hold on to certain badass weapons or
    lots of mods for that next awesome weapon we get... a place
    to store them would be nice.

    I really like the episode missions. Keep them as they are,
    however, it would be nice if we had more episode-style
    missions that have cut scenes but aren't the main mission.
    Or even more missions that are specific to the "class" we
    play; such as more Machinist type mechanical or technolog-
    ical missions, or Outlaws to steal certain crucial items, or
    Veterans to do military style missions. I know it's trying
    to remain an open world, but a co-op map that brings
    together all 4 different "classes" for their unique abilities
    could be fun, and not just something everyone can do.

    Mission types.
    While there are a variety of tasks, such as kill this group,
    analyze this data, collect this item, talk to this person, and
    we have the achievements system to explore, I'd like a bit
    more mission variety. It's very creative currently, but with
    it being an MMO, I was thinking at some point we could do
    a train heist type of mission. Something where you may
    be delivered by air. The mutants have air support, why
    don't we? Or maybe to help with the on-going construc-
    tion of a building or transport system; a "mission hub"
    deal that progresses as an in-game event like the
    episode missions do, or some of the instanced
    content along the course of the main mission
    which changes (such as the crying med patients
    wounded, or the flames after the battle to def-
    end a town currently in place). Maybe even a
    flash-back style mission where we get to do
    a little exploring of the former Votan Collect-
    ive home world(s).

    I haven't tried the DLC yet, but I like that you can now play
    as a Castithan. Eventually I'm hoping for Indogene or one
    of the other Votan races as well as the exploration of that
    culture, and perhaps a town that isn't so "human". I know
    Defiance is meant to feel like a homogenized melting pot
    of all the races (including human), but I'm sure there are
    pockets of culture and style more attuned to the various
    Votan ways of life.
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    Make it work

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    I'm not sure if many people know that San Fran underground constructions are pretty extensive. There are parts of a real underground city there, nothing as large as the fictional SL city. But it's there. The aqueducts and the sewer systems are massive. There's a really interesting portion of the cities history that revolves around a massive water transportation system (the golden gate) and the wetlands that collect about 40% of the water in Cali for SF currently. And it's all tied into one of the nations biggest national disasters ever. The Quakes and then the fires...When I first heard about the concept and location of the game, I assumed that there would be a huge portion of the game dealing with fresh water being a export that made the area a massive boom town. Running around as specialists chasing tech falling from the sky is one thing. But what is the rest of the world doing to earn a living and find prosperity? I'd like to see more involvement with cohesive story lines. The location alone is a wellspring for extraordinary happenings, but they go mostly ignored. So far, we've gotten a lot of open area, and the occasional farm. I feel like there is so much missed opportunity to have the most amazing stories and pursuits..
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