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    Legendary VBI Shotgun with Syphon(range)/Toxic(melee) and Veteran synergy, with +9mag
    Purple BMG of some sort, I forget which. It slows enemies that take damage.
    500 EGO

    I guess we'll see when I get home.

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    My build is all about getting my EGO power up faster for Recharge and Fast Reloading. So my Pistol i have has a 10% Ego recharge on full reload and only has 10 bullets in the clip but its a double shot. So every five shots i have to reload making my ego go up 25% since i also have the perk for the extra 15%. Switch to my Front Battle Rifle for my overcharge.

    Loadout - Overcharge

    VBI Tacc Auto Pistol
    Fronter Battle Rifle

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    Quote Originally Posted by TIER ONE View Post
    Right on...i gotta try a weapon with the syphon ability
    i tend to play aggressive so the ability to regain health/shield really helps out.

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    Trying to train myself in precision targeting lately while just running around loose, so loadout 1 has been various Wolfhounds (syphon, elec, and fire) with either an assault carbine, or heavy assault carbine+burst mod, and cloak as a panic button.
    Loadout 2 is sniper mode -- VBI Sniper Rifle or a repeater, with the old stand-by VBI AR (syphon) and cloak.
    My overcharge fallback when anything gets serious is an FRC SAW syphon plus the ground pounder.

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    I've been playing around 3 weeks now (ego 2017) and use a variety of loadouts depending on circumstance and weapon availability. (as I am still leveling)

    Basic is a Saw and a BMG with decoy. For Shadow Wars I usually go no-scope fast firing AR or SMG, Fragger, and Blur with Sonic Strike and melee mods for the weapons. For Deathmatch it's variable, sometimes the same as the SW, others I'll go all s00p3r n3wb and load shotgun, detonator, cloak, yada yada, everyone knows how that goes I think.

    I enjoy variety, and having the different weapons, powers, perks, and combinations thereof is a lot of the fun for me, as well as shooting people in the face. There is always that.
    Gamer Tag: Jandecvar

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    I run with two Purple Saws both with Siphon.

    Overcharge with:

    Thick Skinned (take half damage after shield breaks)
    Displacement Field (move faster after shield resets)
    Preparedness (off weapon reloads automatically)
    Regeneration (+3% HP regen)
    Cellular Armor (Take 6% less damage)
    Fortitude (+225 HP)

    Purple Pyro frag with a 24 second recharge

    Purple Shield with around 1100 capacity, 40% recharge, 25% hp regen, 2.85 reload time

    I am damn near indestructible. I can run ahead into a swarm of enemies and take them all down, my shield goes down all the time (which is nice for the speed boost when it comes back) but my health rarely gets into any danger.

    A few times (when fighting something big like an omnivolt that I didnt have to keep my eyes on to hit) I would watch my health bar during a fight. The siphon on the Saws takes effect often enough to keep my health bar above 0 about 95% of the time. If I go down it usually means someone has made his way behind me and unloaded a full smg clip in my back.

    I never go down from being on fire like I used to. Often while in a co-op mission Im firing at one enemy and one of those damn Smelters comes up and just lights me up. I dont even move. I just keep my gun trained on who Im firing at at some point Ill get some siphoned health from him and then Ill deal with the smelter.

    Most of the time I'm doing so much damage I forget to use Overcharge. The only time for sure I use it is against mini bosses like tankers (especially when they kneel down and I get them in the face) or Blacklungs.

    I read some patch notes that say they nerfed Fortitude so if I ever get to play again I want to see what they've done.

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    I have 5 loadouts

    1- Cloak + Nano-Fragger & Sniper + Cloak/Damage Perks (Deathmatch main)
    2- Blur + Brutal AR with Brutal Mods + Rocket + Blur, Melee, and Vehicle Perks (Shadow Wars Main)
    3- Overcharge + whatever weapons I am leveling + Overcharge, Prepared, and Damage Perks (Co-Op main)
    4- Decoy + haven't used in while to remember + Decoy Perks
    5- Overcharge + Explosive Weapons + Overcharege and Explosive Perks (Arkfal Main)

    I really should try using Decoy more...

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    #1: (purple) Frontier SAW w/ Electric Nano
    #2: (purple) GL-1 Ground Pounder w/ extended clip

    (purple) Fragsurge grenade
    and some rando-purple shield.

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    I just got El Diablo.....im not a big fan of SMG's, but I may have to work this one into my loadout

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    I find many weapons make the game too easy, so currently using:

    Swarm Cannon
    Ground Pounder (only use if I run out if ammo for RL and no ammo crate nearby)

    Sludge RL

    The PvP spec is actually working quite well. Rockets up to Lv18!

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