I use an Incubator a LOT. I just got to Level 17. So I've been watching damage numbers go by for a while, and now I see lower ones than before.

I was testing a new orange Afflictor and saw 500 damage coming from the bug bites, and thought maybe this weapon has lower damage than my standard Incubators, which were going about 632 damage per bite as of, I thought, yesterday.

So I equipped my Incubator with a x1.15 bug damage barrel mod, and saw 575 damage. That means the new Standard Bug Damage is 500 just like the unmodded Afflictor gives me, and I'm wondering why.

The 1.020 patch notes didn't say anything I noticed about Innoculator bug damage being lowered.

632 was overkill on skitterlings, but kept my skill level rising at a rate I was happy with. 575 will be, well, acceptable, but not when it happens without being documented somewhere. Some Dark Matter dude will probably kill me when he doesn't get as big a bite as I was getting before. Maybe that's the plan.

So does anyone know what's up?...