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    Expanding Our Community Clan

    Hey Guys and Girls, Our clan are looking for new recruits!

    We need members to join our clan on Xbox 360, We are called: The Merchants Guild

    We are a clan that buy and sale Legendary weapons and just play for fun, but we wish to expand our community, so if anyones intrested can they get in touch with me on Xbox 360 under the gamertag: Mr 5ax

    Everyone must have mics.

    Thank you and i hope i get to meet u all online .

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    Having at it with Ulrich under a bli'ear near Trealos, Draglotyzon.
    Does this look like the clan recruiting sub-forum to you?


    Edit: Anybody notice how the clan recruitment sub-forums is completely empty? WHY DON'T YOU PEOPLE USE IT INSTEAD OF GENERAL?!

    Can't find the trading forums? http://forums.defiance.com/forumdisp...rading-Post%29
    Wares Omnifarious! (My own shop) http://forums.defiance.com/showthrea...rious-%28NA%29
    Just passing through ladies and gentlemen, like what you see? Then speak up.

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