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Thread: Black Screen

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    Black screen

    I think is has to do with resolution changes. I have an older plasma 42" that goes black with some screen/resolution changes. If I turn the set off then back on it will display correctly again. Try that with your monitors to see if it works for you.

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    ok everyone stop........ win 8 dont work since it uses mostly win 7 drivers win 8 was thrown away in months you must have win 8.1 or your screwed thats basic knowledge... win 8.1 no win 8 thats bad it dont work

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    run win 7 or 8.1 but win 8 oh no they pulled that fast it was a shambled mess

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    blackscreen on startup for me aswell, with a white box.
    be mindful of what you ask to be 'fixed'

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