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    What does the green splat do?

    Toxic element....
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    basicly like corrosive damage like borderlands causes more damage to robots and armored opponents.

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    first off here is this... List of nano effects google search!
    second... its radiation... radiation makes enemies weaker from radiation damage...

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    It depends on what splat you mean.

    Here's the chart provided elsewhere:

    The one I call Splat is Corrosion. According to people who've tested, it was doing nothing but color your shots green. Damage not increased by 20%. Not sure that's still the case. I have several Splat weapons, including ones I add Splat to via a magazine. If they ever fix it, I'm golden.

    When you fire a Radiation round, there's usually a splat left behind. Radiation softens up the enemy, so I hear. I try to toss it around occasionally but my Go-To nano is Syphon. Syphon deaths look cool...
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