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    Legendary Weapons

    Hey all,

    Got a legendary shotgun from a t4 box and i have to say i´m pretty dissapointed from the performance of this weapon. Its appearance isnt really fitting the fact that its legendary and also the overall stats are not much better than normal or rare equip. Just wondering know if its because its an shotgun, so asking you guys out there who got an legendary item too: How are yours doing in fights?

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    It goes by your Ego level. >.> So, open lock box at a higher level.

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    To clarify more. The current beta version of the game you can buy tier 4 caches and get chances of orange(lets not call it legendary pls... this is so not a blizzard game). You can also get them from tier 2 caches as well. They're not always or necessarily better weapons that even whites in the basic sense. Its from their bonuses or synergies or mod slots that there can be something of merit but they're not meant to be considered the best of the best in a WoW sort of thinking.

    Also, spending on tier 4 boxes when you're low EGO rating just means you get lower weapon types as for example grenade launchers almost never if ever in the current test version drop for people under an EGO rating of say 100. So spending your codes on a tier 4 at such a level hurts you. Stick to tier 2's as you need/want and wait on 4's til you're higher rated.

    However remember, how this all balances out may very very likely change come launch.

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