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Thread: DLC timeframe?

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    DLC timeframe?

    I just had a discussion with a friend that dlc is usually released a month apart from each other, which I pointed as wrong since black ops was 2 months apart. So I did a bit of research on this and found there is a massive difference in MMO content release times per developer.

    I'm on consoles most of the time now unless it is a strategy or simulation game, and have researched that most dlc is released at the latest of 2 months from either release or the last dlc.
    Here is a few shooters I own that I'll use as an example.
    Borderlands 2 - 1 month between dlc releases
    Black Ops 2 - Just under 2 months
    battlefield 3 - Month and a half
    Halo 4 - 1 month

    However if we go by expansion packs for MMOs on PC (Since Trion are used to RIFT content releases)
    WoW - 2 years
    RIFT DLC - 1 year 8 months

    However I will point out that RIFT has good updates, which could technically count as dlc from what they do, every 5 weeks except for the one leading up to the expansion pack release.

    There is one game that I will bring to an example for this that took longer than 2 months - Test Drive Unlimited 2. That game suffered really bad online problems which still persist today. Fair enough it took a whole year to bring the second dlc out which Trion will not do. But seeing as all they bring out recently are outfits, car textures and emergencies (please stop with making emergencies, we have enough now and I never pay enough attention to understand the difference between any of them), they are following the same plan as eden (TDU2 devs) which ultimately did them in.

    My point to this is that the 2 month timeframe most people are used to is about to go next week, and we still have no word on dlc in any manner than what we got 2 weeks ago.

    My biggest gripe with Trion is that they do not communicate anything unless it is in a blog, or post it JUST before its about to happen. And then once they post it, they never update us on any developments. I'm on the 360, and absolutely hate the region lock, and even though they have said they were going to update us on it, its been 2 months and absolutely nothing.

    Anyway, back on topic, from teh looks of it, the dlc is going to be mid-June if they give us a fair amount of time (2 weeks) before release, like most developers do. However, Trion may release it next week (doubt it since we haven't even got sieges yet).

    If the DLC takes until end of June/into July, I will seriously quit this game as I will not wait 3 months between each dlc. And most likely, we will never be given any information on that these release dates will be anytime shorter than it is so far.

    Also, If a mod is reading this, please do not say anymore that you are going to update the region locking thread as you never do, and also can you please lock/delete that thread if you really don't plan to do anything about it anytime soon (I mean in the next month)

    Anyway, How long do you think the DLC will be? Do you think we will be given any type of forewarned announcement or do you believe they will just post the day before they release it?

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    I'm going to say they will tell us about a week in advance.

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    It will be ready when it's ready. I don't think we'll have to wait upwards of 8 months for the season pass items, I see large scale expansions(ala wow size) taking until next year
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    Say hello to diablo 3

    Patch 1.08 was offically announced and made avaliable for PTR April 8th
    Was released May 8th

    29 days

    However... Patch 1.09 was also announced slightly around the same time as 1.08... but still no hide or hair

    Noted 1.09 is supposed to fix several Items and game mechanics that involve item acquisition. (also remove the ability for perm abilitys, i.e. Wrath of the berserker, and Archon)
    1.08 was to make the match making ui more user-friendly and make the paragon system feel less like an impossible chore

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    Borderlands 2's DLC was handled by a separate studio, and was in production before the game even launched.
    But yeah, unfortunately, the DLC will probably be launched sometime between June 3rd and maybe June 17th.

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