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    Worst TV show in years.

    ***Possible Spoiler alert, although I doubt it...***

    I had such high hopes for this show. I DVR it every monday night and watch it late monday night, early tuesday morning. I look forward to it. But since the first episode, its gotten worse and worse.

    -Disjointed story arcs
    -Poor character development
    -Is this a Drama or a sci fi action show(since you know..the game is sci fi action)
    -The CGI I could live with if the rest of the show was actually decent
    -No continuity from week to week. It feels like all standalones.
    -Feels like theres absolutely no connection to the game. Im not talking about the supposed "interaction" between the two...But in the game you are doing ark falls, killing hell bugs and mutants, etc etc. In this..."who killed birch". "who is sleeping with who". What..the...hell?
    -Minimal action
    -I like Irisa as a character, but what the hell is up with these visions? Is she some mystic freakin being or something? What the hell? Who cares?
    -The "relationships" that formed in the most recent episode. You know what Im talking about. What in the hell does this have to do with ANYTHING SCI FI?!

    Seriously, The show started off great. Gone to crap since.

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    I agree with the character development for most characters.

    Same with it being a drama.

    But on continuity? Okay. Pay attention to the old lady.

    And Irisa is a little shtako who needs to grow up.
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    you haven't seen "breaking bad" now that is boring
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    I am paying attention to Nicolette. Her little arc is the only thing keeping it together. A little drama, fine...but behind it is a master plan to ..do something to the planet or human race or whatever that will be for the greater good. Im sure it has something to do with sci fi at least. I wish they would hop on that one more. But I don't care who killed birch. Her slumber party with Raef was completely unnecessary. To what end? To push his buttons? I thought raef had a set...I would have thrown her out in the first few minutes when I suspected shtako. Noo..he let her take the room upstairs, unattended, so she could get into mischief. And she did. Poor writing. They took a good arc into the wrong direction.

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    I wanna know how Datek got away with what he did at the end of episode 3(i think it was 3) when in episode 4 he clearly confesses. Nolan was like whatever I gotta find my girlfriend instead!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cesmode View Post

    Seriously, The show started off great. Gone to crap since.
    My feelings are exactly the opposite, it started off crap and has been getting better and better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chicksticker View Post
    I wanna know how Datek got away with what he did at the end of episode 3(i think it was 3) when in episode 4 he clearly confesses. Nolan was like whatever I gotta find my girlfriend instead!
    Exactly. Now...his "gf" is...well..

    Several times in that hour tonight, I literally said out loud "What the f_ck?" I mean...what in the hell is going on? What should I be focusing on? Irisa's nightmares? The gf bartender and her sexual exploits? Alec Tar wedding? The volge attack, which was OMG so effing important to stop in the first episode and theres been 0 thread of it since...I mean where is this show going? I feel like we are being led in multiple directions without a clear destination.

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    There seems to be some confusion in how people are viewing the programming. SyFy hasn't been dedicated to sci fi for years. There have been shows here or there for the sake of legitimacy. But their programming mirrors the viewing habits you'd find in the demo for ABC more than anything else. To put it bluntly, they aren't making shows for the science fiction fan. They make them for the "viewing" demographic.
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    Another thing I was thinking about was when Kenya was missing. Why didn't Irrisa just use her visions to find her. You could say her power works only with her own kind,but why wouldn't they at least mention that in that episode.
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    Support Defiance, it's a step in the right direction to get Syfy to go back to actually showing sci-fi instead of reality crap tv.

    And while the writing isn't great in Defiance, I find it really enjoyable. Way more than say...Revolution.

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