Good morning Arkhunters,

The 1st Legion is a new clan based from the top ranked clan in Warhammer: Space Marine that is moving over with other members of the SM community into Defiance. Our focus will be to become a dominate force in PVP once the American and European servers have been linked as our clan is rooted across the world.

The 1st Legion Initiative: The 1st Legion in whichever environment or game they are in break the game down to its basic sciences in both maximizing the DPS output and resilience of our builds and work to help our members maximize the potential output of the weapons we have available. We train all new members in the basic in-and-outs/logistics of the game.

Because of the 64 player team size that can be allotted in PVP we will be applying a Battalion level Infantry build to our clan on defiance to best keep the organization structure and chain of command to keep our forces on the battlefield operating as smoothly as possible as a team. We will be applying real world infantry tactics and concepts where they fit in and can be utilized in large team play, The 1st Legion is lead by 2 Combat-Arms Veterans having combat experience from Vietnam/Grenada/Desert Storm 1. We will use our experience as best as we can apply it to the applications of shadow wars and run teams using the best combination of weapons and load outs to achieve our end goals.

Aside from our basic concept, the 1st legion provides all the clan boosters on a daily basis that are allotted.

If belonging to a PVP oriented clan is your nitch, look no further than the 1st legion. You may contact me here or on xbox LIVE, my ID is Romulous xDAx

Have a good day Ladies and Gentlemen.

There is no substitute for zeal.
Colonel Romulous