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Thread: Infectors

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    I have a couple, one has a massive Dot WITHOUT bugs another has a small Dot WITH bugs.

    One has a ridiculously short range the other just has a short range.

    They both seem ok pve and pvp, but my question is are there even worth using? whats the point in them and why would you use them over a straight up direct damage gun, they don't seem to do as much DPS.

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    in instances its so nice have 1, they slow enemys so its rly effective

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    I keep one for out of ammo scenarios. Don't underestimate them. You'd be surprised how handy they are against a tanker

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    yeah... i tried oe on a tanker, then a saw LMG... and well... a 400 per shot from lmg vs 4dmg infector + 2xx dmg per bug jumping... what ya think which one is faster.

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    I really can't figure out whats better, there is something funny about the burst one thats not explained in the stats...

    Every time i hit someone with the full burst. it hits all the 4 dmgs then the last hit deals 9xx damage, meanwhile its still ticking for 50s. What the hell is dealing the 9xx damage?! this is before any bugs are about and even they only deal 500ish. This 9xx damage each burst plus the 50s of the DoT seems to make this gun super strong.

    I dont get this 9xx dmg tick with the non bug gun

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    Despite "4 damage" description infectors do massive damage but some of them are very specific. For example Canker is good on elites and bosses (DoT). VOT Infector is good on everything.

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    I can't wait to find my first one...where did you guys first see them?

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