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    PS3 Clan "Name that shall not be said.."

    Name that shall not be said...

    Name that shall not be said...
    I'm looking for casual gamers that want to do some hunting. Skill level is not a factor nor should it be as a clan we would help each other improve in areas that we may lack. I wouldn't require anyone to have a mic although it helps. With that said if you using a mic I would hope its a good working one.

    This will be a PS3 Clan ...

    Anyway looking for leaders and recruits all are welcome ...!

    So far I love where the game is going and I see myself playing much of it. Often !

    Withholding name of clan till release but will take suggestions.

    Visit our site at: http://www.justwannaplay.me/home

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    Get it. Log on. Play
    Shoot, loot then scoot.


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