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    C/D: Embarasing to use basic/common gear.

    I would like to know from EGO 1000+ ppl if you feel little embarrassed to use white and green equips? I'm 2400+ and feel a little embarrassed using blues for that matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeintheshell View Post
    I would like to know from EGO 1000+ ppl if you feel little embarrassed to use white and green equips? I'm 2400+ and feel a little embarrassed using blues for that matter.

    Almost 3k and still use a green shield... green secondary... I'll worry about getting "good" gear when i'm 5k.

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    I still use vendor Greens to farm weapon skills. It's easier to farm when you get used to the way your weapon performs, so no surprises like not being able to kill guys with 1 headshot from your sniper rifle.
    I'm 1500~.

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    I still use whites even... As long as the weapon is good, rarity really doesn't matter.

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    I'm nearly to 1500 and am still using a white assault rifle I got around 300. It's the best thing I've found that suits my playing style, so I keep it. Why be embarrassed about the color of weapons you're using if they're working for you?

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    I use specific greens/whites(wolfhound, saw) if they have nano for leveling. I cba to read other whites greens, so I just salvage them without reading stats.

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    I'm using mostly the first playthrough mission rewards since they're the cheapest to reset weapon XP on, though I am working to put on blue mods, which is quite time consuming running from vendor to vendor waiting for the one's I want to show up on special.

    Most of the weapons are green, but there are a couple of blues (Survivalist's Rifle and El Diablo). Only purple weapon I'm using at the moment is the EMC XAR-22 Nolan gave in the Episode 0 mission.

    Do (now) have a good purple shield and do have a purple frag grenade with a 0.0 detonation time, but most of the grenades I'm actually using (a flash, a cluster and a pyro) are blue.

    Did manage to draw a couple of oranges out of lock boxes (a shotgun that fires slugs and a rocket launcher), but not using them yet.

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    Outside Roanoke, in Virginia, on an actual pc.
    I think that by the time you hit E1500 to E1800 - you're running so much material through the salvage grinder that you don't HAVE to use less than green in many/most cases, and prolly a lot of blue stays in you INV box.

    It's not like you can't find some decent grn/blu, and you're not obligated to scrap it all.

    No harm in keeping some of it.

    I still have some rarer (for me, I haven't seen too many) white EMC carbines and shotguns, so I've got a few.
    But when I see a unit with better crits than a no-crit-white pass through, I keep it.

    Not embarrassed to use white, I just don't bother if I have access to better.
    These are just my opinions.
    I have lots of opinions.
    Some of them, on occasion, people have agreed with.
    I do not trust those people.

    Mid E-5XXX main, but I played 26+ 'toons from E400 to E5500. (Dormant)
    2050: Lvl 499X main

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    3000 EGO, owning orange noobs in PvP with a green shotgun and blue assault rifle since EGO 500. Havent changed anything but shields and nades. If it shoots, I use it.
    NA PSN: Archdemonz39

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    Depends if I am leveling the weapon skill or not. If its maxed .. yes. Using a green or white in those circumstances is sorta sad. If you are leveling skill still? Hell no .. use whatever dropped. Burn it up and break it down.

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