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    Quote Originally Posted by Malacai View Post
    So have the codes in the spreadsheet somehow been disabled? I got 53 codes input with success, but beginning with code 54 on the spreadsheet (as of today), I continue to get an error messge, something along the lines of "you have attempted to enter an invalid code".... anyone know what could be going on?

    I'm having the same issue and it's driving me batty!

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    To anyone on the PC that wants to invite me, my account handle is "Skeptic" my main character's name is "Skeptikos". Please feel free to send me an invite.

    Quote Originally Posted by durion View Post
    anyone interested send friend request to wildstar -see you ingame andso far with minor glitches having fun!
    Tried to search for you but didn't find anything. I'm on the PC what platform are you?

    Quote Originally Posted by nighthawk231 View Post
    Morning everyone, fixing to head to Dr. appointment, will be back on tonight. Game is Downloaded, all items redemed, character name is nighthawk231(thanks to someone else taking nighthawk) i'm gonna go ahead and make the nightraven character tonight also. see ya then.
    Tried sending you a request again, now that we're both out of alpha, but it's not finding you again. Possible typo like last time?

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph View Post
    Hello everyone. My original name I was going to use Joseph was taken since I never got the message of an early start.
    you can add me as Jonin to your friends. Hope to see everyone in game
    I tried to add you too, but got no result. What platform are you on?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ithi View Post
    My husband and I are arkhunting like mad today, enjoying our titles, our weapons, our inventory slots, our scavenger perk, and our vehicle--all thanks to you.

    I am a crap code finder, but I am a real good cook. Chocolate cake for everyone, Ark Hunters! Along with my undying gratitude for your ingenuity, perseverence and creativity.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Glad that we could help both of you out!

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph View Post
    Thanks I think thats ******** though should have been all characters.
    I think that it's because they are tied to the account not the character. The other goodies though are per character. I hope you didn't miss out on too much.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kellmourn View Post
    Looks like the my ego site is back up and running... yesterday I was getting a 404 error on the entry page.

    Found this posted on Orcz: HKSBC2 from--http://uk.gamespot.com/defiance/channel/freeform/ posted by Bennijin

    Good Hunting!
    Code confirmed as new and working! Thanks for reporting it here!
    Arkcode Community Spreadsheet from the forum's code hunting thread:
    (courtesy of Superbike32)

    "Science is a way of trying not to fool yourself. The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool." -- R.P. Feynman

    Feel free to send me an invite in either the forums or in-game. In-game I'm using the same handle as my Raptr ID.

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    Nice find, signature & spreadsheet updated, sounded like it was posted by a person so I didn't list a source. (Site is only viewable in the UK.)

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    If you go to your account management page of the trion site it will give a number to each code. one of mine says code 155 so there are at least that many.

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    I didn't think it meant anything before, but now I would like a full list of codes & their numbers & I will come up with a list that is sorted that way...I know some of you have them.

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    Feel free to send me invites on the PC as well guys, and Di-Mo man, I added you as well. Adding you as just Skeptic worked liked a charm. My account to add is WarMad2.
    ARK Fall Code Hunter Lvl 15 - VBI Operative
    Hidden Codes - The Original - Where It All Began
    ALPHA Tester & BETA Tester
    HammerFist Clan - Defiance Team

    System Info:
    Windows 7 Professional 64-bit; AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core ~3.2GHz; 8192MB DDR2 800; NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450

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    Playing on the pc -definitely 'wildstar' is my main character notice you have to online the same time to find friends -i be on after 5pm est tomorrow gang-oh btw thanks for new code!!

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    on defianceworld.tublr.com I noticed this line:

    "Decryption Key: EBC871X4"

    do you think it has to do with a code?

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    Could be, or could be to make it look authentic, classified data usually has such an encryption key, it could be both...for authenticity and as part of a code, but I wouldn't know what to do to make it 6 characters.

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    Soooo ... what are these codes for?

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