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Thread: Next Gen.

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    Next Gen.

    Are they going to make Defiance for the PlayStation 4? If you do I think we should be able to transfer are character to a different system. I have an Xbox 360 and i'm getting the PS4 because Xbox Done gonna suck. It looks like you would beable to because you got to log into the game.

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    Servers will be shut down before the PS4 releases so I wouldn't worry about it.

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    I don't see that happening.
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    With the slew of games coming out most notably
    The Division
    Ps4 version of dcuo

    Are you really gonna wanna play this broken game so they can continue removing content, giving you weekly data recorders and nerfing anything remotely fun about this game.....

    lets hope Trion doesnt make anything next Gen.
    The rate they are going...... I see a THQ bankruptcy in their future....couldnt happen to a collection of more deserving people.
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