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Thread: Clan Index

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    Stickied since this is quite useful for folks!

    Lance James - Community Manager
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    Quote Originally Posted by Myll_Erik View Post
    Stickied since this is quite useful for folks!

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    Congrats on this thread.

    You can also see our segment on Across the Badlands HERE.

    Even if you aren't a Freemason, feel free to join in on our weekly community events HERE.

    You can also see our Youtube channel HERE.

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    Ha I never knew there was a Barbarians clan but they are EU and I'm NA.

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    Your welcome for the thread sticky

    I messages Myll_Erik that this was a good thread and it should be sticky'd, I guess he agrees!


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    SOULS OF LOST ROGUES http://slrgaming.enjin.com/home

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    Indefinite Smoke Break xbox 360 na

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