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    Wondering about aggro.....

    I have noticed that, if you set your gamma to the recommended level, you can barely see at night. So I was wondering.. does darkness affect the npc's? Do they see less far? Basicly, does it decrease your aggro footprint?

    That is one question. Another one, which is similar, is ... if you crouch... does that make you less visible to npc's? Again, does it reduce your aggro footprint? if not, why even have crouching ... just saying.

    I'm really curious about these two questions, and was wondering if anyone really knows. Dev's, if you are reading this jump in and set me straight. If neither of these is implemented, it may be something to look into, maybe create a stealth mission in one of the mines or some such. I think that would be awesome!

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    Day/night, no diff so I would tweak your gamma back a teensy bit. I 'have' noticed a tiny bit of decreased notice range from the baddies when crouched but it may just be coincidental issues compounding to create the speculative information witnessed.

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    Good question. In my experience, I have not noticed any difference based on aggro conditions other than Line of Sight - you *can* get really close if the bad guy is behind the truck.

    Darkness nor crouching appears to have any effect - but I have *not* done specific experiments so I could be completely wrong.
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