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Thread: Clan Index

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    EU/UK as in mostly UK but taking on people all over the EU. Confusing stuffs!

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    Pink Fluffly Bunny (LTGB) Clan

    www.gayme0n.com NA mostly but we love everyone

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    [KEQ] Kill 'Em Quick is a multi-platform clan on NA-PC and PS3. We were founded by Alpha test players, so we have a deep understanding of the game.

    Our original recruitment page is located here http://forums.defiance.com/showthrea...ick-recruiting
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    Ender Xenocide aka Justifiable187 aka one of the greatest ark hunters ever

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    IRATH RISING-Irathient only Clan

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    At the moment no, I'm doing this via a phone and it has its restrictions.
    Feel free to keep updating your post with the ones I add or others you find.
    Alphabetical with which server should be adequate.

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    He just wants us on top because we start with a number ^_~
    Well played, sir.
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