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    The Bacon Eaters want YOU!

    The Bacon Eaters

    ^^^how the bacon eaters have fun^^^

    The Bacon Eaters is a laid back clan of fun friendly people. We like to do PvP and PvE if you don't like PvP that's fine, we focus more on having fun above all other things.

    Xbox NA server.
    A fun, friendly and mostly mature attitude.
    Low level no problem, no mic that's cool too.

    How to join.
    You can leave your gamer tag here or contact the following people in game.
    GT: MrDoozleDorf IGN: MrDoozleDorf

    GT: MrStilwater IGN: Bacon BTastey
    GT: Chai Neegrow IGN: Ideya

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    Bacon Is Good, Bacon Is Yummy, I Want Bacon In My Tummy!

    Seriously ^ Watch my video, even if you don't like Bacon. I worked pretty hard on it.

    If you do like Bacon, maybe you'll watch my #1'st VLog "Bacon BTastey, Yum!"

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    *Free Bacon for new members

    Join The Bacon Eaters TODAY!!!

    *Free Bacon for all new members

    *offer only good while supplies last, only one plate per gamertag

    Edit: sorry I ate all the bacon

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