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    Setup of Joystick or other game controller for PC Defiance?

    So can you not set up a joystick or other game controller on the PC version of Defiance? We really need to be able to use a joystick or another game controller on the PC version of Defiance!!! I have not found a thread on how to enable and / or set one up in the game? I cannot drive worth stucco(?) by the keyboard and why should I when I have a nice Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick or Logitech Extreme Wingman controller that I can use? Every other PC game you can use both a combination of keyboard and game controller together, so how do I set it up for Defiance?

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    use xpadder or some other third party program

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    I use a Razer Onza controller to play, works great!

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    I use a Xbox 360 controller and it just works. Nothing to set up really and the game even changes all the menus and instructions to match the controller buttons.
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    I use a keyboard and mouse for combat, and have an XBox controller (Afterglow) also plugged in for driving. I keep the controller in my lap while playing so I can quickly access it when switching between the two.

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    A wired xbox controller works perfectly. You need to turn it on for use in menus (in the mouse settings section) if you want the controller buttons shown in the UI.
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    I have a logitec g300. that in my left hand and an xbox 360 in my right hand rocks.

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    I use a Razer Nostromo in my left hand and either a Cyborg Rat 7 MMO mouse or a Logitech G600 mouse in the right.

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    I used a regular Xbox 360 Controller, and my friend has a Razer Onza that works with Defiance.
    If you're using a 360 controller ensure that you have the driver installed, I disabled mine through task manager then wondered why it wasn't working lol.

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    So the pc version will support a controller?

    Anyone know of a good cheapy controller? I will get one for Defiance if its -$40. I won't spend a bundle.

    Ive never used controllers on pc games. I tried once and the reaction/control time was slow Aside from that, the last time I used a controller was during my SNES days.

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