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    off topic but how much will ps4 cost plus tax

    I know it will be 399.99 , but plus tax like 410.00?

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    That depends on what state. Each state has different tax laws and regulations.
    Like in Oregon, we don't have sales tax. So the price we see is what we pay.

    I would just do a general online search for "Enter state here + sales tax" and see what you come up with.
    Then just do the math and you should be in the general ballpark.

    This wikipedia entry should give you some general information:

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    let see i live in canada ontario hamilton i don't know how it works here with sales

    tax but its 399 were you are is just the sales tax rate 13% sales tax rate so 399.99 times 13% is 451.99 not to bad of a price

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    Thinks for shearing this post

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    Thanks for sharing this post
    Was that post really necessary?
    It had to be done...

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